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Desktop and Laptop Backups

Desktop and Laptop Backup

Our Desktop and Laptop solution is a fast and easy to use backup solution that protects everything. With just a few clicks you can schedule your backups to local storage or to the cloud. You can also select to restore your complete disk or restore selected files and folders.

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Mobile Device Backups

Mobile Device Backup

Enhanced backup validation and blockchain-based authentication of your backup make our mobile device backup solution the most reliable for your devices on the market today.

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Server Backups

Dedicated Server Backup

Recover your entire server in seconds with the Hybrid Cloud Stroage backup. With a technology that actively detects, blocks and reverses suspicious changes to your data you can be assured of protection for your server from ransomware.

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Virtual Server Backups

Virtual Server Backup

With one simple click you can restore files, application data, an entire VM or a complete server environment to the same or different hypervisor, phyiscal machine or the cloud. Our virtual server solution is the worlds easiest-to-us and fastest backup solution on the market today.

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Cloud Backups

Cloud Backup

When it comes to cloud infrastructure your retention and recovery capabilities might not meet your expectations. This is because built in back up functions may not be enough for a data restore. With enhanced backup validation and blockchain-based authentication our cloud backup solution offers the most reliable backup solution for cloud infrastructure on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your servers based?

Our servers are based in the CIX data centre city Cork, Ireland.

How does CDP backup solution work?

CDP backup solution is a server/agent based solution. A backup agent process runs on your server to backup all your data and send them to the backup server. On the first run, it takes the snapshot of your entire disk and saves it to the backup server and after that it runs continuously and backs up the differential data to the backup server.

What are the data Restore options?

You can restore file(s)/folder(s) or database(s) in a couple of clicks. You can also restore the entire server in case of server crash or hardware failure.

How many snapshots can I have?

You can have daily, weekly or hourly snapshots. If you need any other options please contact our support team and we'll help you to choose the best option for your needs.

Can I get more space than mentioned in the plans?

Sure, we can help you with more backup space. Please contact our support team with your queries.

What OS, applications and databases can I backup by using CDP backup solution?

You can backup any Unix based systems (RedHat, CentOS, FreeBSD, SUSe, Solaris, Debian etc) and all Windows servers. Databases MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL server, Oracle etc. It supports almost all applications including MS exchange server, Percona server. If you have any particular application(s) requirements please contact us. Please be advised that CDP backup solution doesn't support PostgreSQL database.

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