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27th Aug 2018
Power outage in the office

Support phone lines are off at the moment due to the power outage in the area.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

5th Jun 2018
.ie zones DNS editor temporarily unavailable

Following billing system upgrade .ie zones DNS editor is temporarily unavailable. If you need to change DNS records for your .ie domains, please submit a support ticket and we'll help you with it.

26th Apr 2018
Office closed due to adverse weather conditions

Due to adverse weather conditions our office will be closed from 2 pm Thursday, March 1, 2018, to 9 am Monday, March 5th, 2018. Phone lines will be unattended but will accept voicemails. Technical support will operate standard 24/7 via email/ticket support only.

1st Mar 2018
Update: All services operational. vmsh3202 is down

UPD @ 17:45: vmsh3202 all services operational.

UPD @ 17:31: vmsh3202 is operational. Email service is degraded. Web services are running as expected

16:45 vmsh3202 is currently down. We are investigating.

26th Feb 2018
vmsh3201 is being decommissioned. All account are being moved to a different server

Server vmsh3201 is being decommissioned and all accounts associated with it are being moved to vmsh3207. No downtime is expected for affected clients, though some propagation issues might occur.

Please raise support request if you encounter any issues.

31st Jan 2018
Resolved: cp1 virtualization node is down

Resolved: cp1 virtualization node is down.
We are investigating the issue.

Update 07:56: Server is back online and operational, customer VMs are being booted now.

Update 08:30: cp1: all services operational

25th Jan 2018
Resolved: Intermittent network issues

We are seeing Intermittent connectivity issues within our network. We are working on narrowing down the cause.Update 13:42. The issue has been narrowed down to the fault with the border switch. Replacement is being configured and will be brought online shortly.Update 13:52. Switch replacement will take place at 18:00 Irish time. All services will ... Read More »

24th Jan 2018
Shared server vmsh3201 is down for maintenance

vmsh3201 is down for upgrade and maintenance.  ETA: 2 hours.

27th Dec 2017
Resolved: VPS node cp1 is down.

One VPS node cp1 is down. We are investigating.

Update 16:25:
Server has been rebooted. All customer VMs operational.

14th Nov 2017