Idera R1SOFT CDP backup Solution

VMotion IT Solutions provides R1Soft CDP 3.0 Enterprise backup solution to backup the data. Continuous Data Protection or CDP is affordable, easy-to-use, high performance backup, restore, and disaster recovery software. Please visit to learn more about R1Soft CDP.

R1SOFT CDP Agent Installation

Please use the link below for a detailed guide on how to install agent on Linux server.
Installing R1Soft agent on Linux server

Once the CDP Agent is installed you need to add the server key to Linux Agent in your server. Check this guide for detailed instructions.

Using r1soft-setup with later Debian kernels

Please use following link if you are installing CDP Agent on Debian 5.0 w/ Linux 2.6.29 and higher. You need to compile r1soft module before installing CDP Agent.

Errors and Exceptions

An exception occurred during the request.
Replication driver missing;
Unable to open driver at '/dev/hcp';
No such device or address

This error indicates that the CDP Agent kernel driver is not installed for the running kernel on the agent's Operating System.

This can happen when the the agent OS is rebooted into a new kernel after running an upgrade (usually Apt or Yum).

Otherwise this can occur if you have not installed a CDP Agent kernel driver after the initial install of the CDP Agent.

Please follow the link for resolution.

Note: Please feel free to raise support ticket in case you are unable to open the link or you have any other issues during CDP agent installation.

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